Salakyatantra is heralded as one of the prime branches of ashtangas.  This branch deals with the study and management of diseases affecting various sense organs along with the other areas like scalp and neck.  These special sense organs are areas having specialized functions and are in direct connection with the brain via cranial nerves.  These structures are well protected in various bony sockets of the skull to prevent injury.  Any pathology relating to these organ produce severe symptoms and signs which are unbearable to the patient.  Numerous named diseases has been explained in detail in our classics with specific treatment modalities for each.  Salakyatantra is a wide subject with multidimensional descriptions.  A thorough history taking and clinical examinations combined with investigations is mandatory to arrive at definite diagnosis and management.  The department works in tune with the above objectives and is updating to the needs of students and community.


1. Outpatient and inpatient duties

2. Give theory classes for the students of 3rd BAMS.

3. Conduct clinical classes relating to E.N.T, ophthalmology, dentistry, head and neck for 3rd BAMS students.

4.  Paper presentations by students and House surgeons on various topics:


1. Demonstration and training to diagnose various disorders affecting the

special sense organs and to brief regarding the treatment pattern and schedule.

2.  Imparting knowledge to identify refractive errors, their mechanical correction using lenses.

3.  Demonstration of eye exercise and involving the students in this programmes

especially for convergence insufficiency, various muscular disorders of eye, ciliary muscle dysfunction etc.

4.  Educating the students about various netra kriya Kramas, murdha taila and nasyam.

5.  Demonstration of various sastras and anusastras in netra karmas.

6.  Impart training on ocular manifestations of various life style disorders like

diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, glaucoma, computer vision syndrome and  neuropathy.

7.  Imparting knowledge on blindness prevention, protection and promotion of the health of various health organs by adopting various internal and external  measures.


1.  Conduction of health awareness programmes and health education in associationwith various NGOs and NSS.

2.  Conducting camps for early detection of refractive errors, hearing impairment,cataract detection, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma screening.

3.  Educating the public regarding the usage of murdhataila, pratimarsanasya and anjana as a routine measure.

4.  Educating the public to prevent the occurrence of various life style disorders by adopting healthy food habits.

5.  To highlight the importance of dantadhavana, kabalam, and various preventive measures to protect the functional capacity of all the sense organs.

6.  Carry out preventive clinics, camps during outbreaks of epidemics like conjunctivitis.



dr vkv balakrishnan
Dr. V. K.V BalaKrishnan,
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Dr. MitraDas M Dr. MitraDas M.
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