The art and science of Ayurvedic drugs, cosmetics and food; preparation to practice

Faculty Details

Dr.Leena.K.C, MD (Ay)
Professor & HOD


Dr.Sanila.V.K, MD (Ay)
Associate Professor


Dr. Jiniraj A S, MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor

Vision & Mission

Generate sufficient human resource capable of providing safe and effective Ayurvedic drugs to the ailing population with a sustainable use of natural resources



  • To provide quality undergraduate and post-graduate education in Rasasastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana
  • To address various challenges in the processing and preparation, research and education of Ayurvedic drugs
  • To facilitate and conduct Ayurvedic drug research


Infrastructure Facilities

    • Professor’s room, Staff room, two laboratories for practical training on Ayurvedic drug processing and preparation, one analytical laboratory, tutorial room with slide projector, Smart class room, department library, drug museum, equipments, machineries and furniture, Hospital IPD and OPD.
  1. Study tour for four days
  2. Drug Bank
  3. Medical camp
  4. Subject awareness programme
  5. 200 theory hours and 200 practical hours
  6. Weekly Special Op on Fridays with an average of 20-30 patients
  7. Three beds in IP (2Female & 1 Male)

Our Assistant Professor Dr. Rajmohan V has participated in Indian Science Congress2019 at Punjab. He has also done co-authorship in European journal of integrative medicine.

Research and consultants
Study on anti ageing activity of rasayana drugs by Dr. Rajmohan V.

We are planning to conduct a three days workshop as a part of continuing medical education programme which can enable the persons working in paramedical sector or indigenous department to have thorough knowledge in medicinal preparations and uses

Department library
It consists of 174 books. The library also includes various compilations and other creative works which are done by the students of the department.