Department of KAYACHIKITSA

Objective, Vision & Mission

Objective: Teaching of Kayachikitsa for B.A.M.S Students

 Vision & Mission:

  1. To produce efficient physicians of Kayachikitsa
  2. To deliver scientific treatment to patients approaching hospital.
  3. To coordinate with other departments in the functioning of the college and hospital
  4. To improve ourselves in teaching.
  5. To conduct educational programmes for teachers and medical officers.
  6. To undertake research activities on areas related to Kayachikitsa.




  1. Professor :Dr.K.Murali
  2. Associate Professor: Dr. Sreelatha Chandroth
  3. Assistant Professors: Dr. Mini V.G., Dr. Mithun C.K.

Regular: Teaching the theoretical and practical aspects of Kayachikitsa, utilizing the facilities of hospital and academic building

Special: Department used to conduct continuing medical education programmes, seminar etc. whenever funds are made available by the Government.

Faculty is regularly attending many National and State level seminars presenting papers.

  1. Establishment of Daily OPD from 2017 onwards.
  2. The department organizes International Day of Yoga on June 21st every year with full participation of students as well as teachers.

It has conducted a CME on THERAPEUTIC YOGA in August 2017. The papers presented were edited and published as a book.


Professors Room, Staff Room, Tutorial Room, OP department with diagnostic facilities, Inpatient Ward