The department of Kaumarabhrithya is a unit of Government Ayurveda College, Pariyaram, Kannur is functioning in the same campus.

Faculty Details


Dr.Sreedivya, MD (Ay)
Associate Professor & HOD


Dr. Sareena K, MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor


Dr. Jayakrishnan P G, MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor


Dr. Anupriya K, MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor

  • To provide theoretical and clinical knowledge in Kaumarabhritya for BAMS students
  • To improve the health status of children and adolescents
  • Prevention and management of paediatric disorders
  • Early detection of developmental disorders.
  • To create public awareness regarding scope of Ayurveda in paediatrics.
  • To conduct researches in kaumarabhritya.
Vision and Mission
  • To produce paediatric practitioners with the mission to propagate balachikitsa in ayurvedic health care practice.
  • To promote interdisciplinary researches for the scientific validation of the concepts and practices of ayurvedic childcare.
  • To improve the child health standards by providing preventive, promotive, rejuvenative and curative aspects.
  • To standardise the protocols and procedures for various ailments.
  • To prepare an ayurvedic paediatric formulary consiting of single drugs and formulations from the classical texts, traditional resources and traditional knowledge database.
  • HOD Room
  • Staff Room
  • OPD 19.6 m2 and Examination Room 15.4 m2
  • Physiotherapy 61.6m2 and Speech Therapy room 19.6 m2
  • Library: Central library as well as department library with books of modern and ayurvedic sciences.
  • Class room: Well equipped smart class room with interactive board


Syllabus –UG & PG syllabus as per CCIM and KUHS

The Department has a sufficient infrastructure to provide the academic as well as clinical standards stipulated by the CCIM. Every year the department imparts theoretical knowledge and clinical training to 75 under graduate students. A same number of house surgeons get clinical training from this department. The teaching staff handles UG clinical classes from 8 am to 11 am and Theory classes. Internet facility is also available in the department.

Department library

There are 359 books in the department library, which include Ayurveda, modern, research methodology and biostatistics text books.


Regular academic activities

  • Theory classes for UG students - 4 hours per week
  • Clinical classes –UG students - 8-11 am, Mon-Sat
  • OPD & IPD
  •  Government Ayurveda College Hospital for Women and Children has a bed strength of 50 out of which 20 beds are reserved for Kaumarabhritya. The hospital is provided with a well-equipped clinical laboratory, Pharmacy, Panchakarma Theatre, Physiotherapy unit and Speech therapy unit. The dept. has a well-functioning OP and IP wing providing services to all children coming from different parts of Kerala.
    • OPDs are being conducted on 6 days per week from 8am to 1pm.
    • 20 beds are allotted for children in the college hospital.

    The department has gained advances in the management of Developmental disorders and other neurological disorders like Cerebral palsy, Autism, ADHD, Speech disorders, Erb’s Palsy, Dyslexia, Infantile hemiplegia, Seizure disorders etc., Nutritional disorders, skin diseases and  recurrent respiratory infections.  It also has a tremendous experience in practice of modified Panchakarma therapy and physiotherapy in children. The well baby clinic of the department is also promoting traditional child care practices in newborns and infants.

    1. Medical camps: Faculties of this department regularly participate in the 25 medical camps organised by the College Hospital in various parts of Kannur and Kasargod districts.
    2. Research

    A research project on ‘Management of Autism using ayurvedic modalities’.

    Programmes conducted by the Department of Kaumarabhritya recently:

    Faculty of this department regularly attend CME programmes, reorientation programmes and participate in various public health awareness programmes.

    1. ‘ARIVU - 2018’- Two Training programmes, for Anganawadi and ASHA workers for early detection of developmental disorders in children were conducted in January and November 2018
    2. Programs organised as part of silver jubilee celebration of the institutions
    • Rajata – National Seminar on endocrinology
    • Rajata Expo- Exhibition on Scope of Ayurveda
    1. Sarvashiksa Abhiyan -Awareness programs for parents of children affected with developmental disorders
    2. Adoption of Vilayancode L.P. School and conduction of following programmes
    • Screening camps for scholastic backwardness in children.
    • Setting up of Herbal garden mainly constituting medicinal plants.


    • DASHAHA SAMEEKSHA -2022 CME on Developmental Paediatrics- An Ayurvedic Perspective
    • ARIVU 2022 - Online Training programme for Anganawadi teachers for early detection of developmental disorders in children were conducted in March 2022
    • Awareness Class early detection of developmental disorders for ICDS CDPOs at ICDS office, Thalikavu, Kannur
    • Awareness class early detection of developmental disorders for Anganawadi teachers and parents at Edakkad, Kannur
    • SANJEEVANAM National level CME on the occasion of World Breast feeding Week August 1st to 7th 2022
    • PALLAVAM Campaign on Preventive paediatrics at Kadannapally Panchayat Anganawadis in association with College Union.