Details of Main Clinical Departments in the Hospital

Department of PANCHAKARMA

OPD –From Monday to Saturday – 8am to 1pm
IPD- 16 beds are allotted for Pachakarma Department which are fully occupied.

The following treatments are conducted in IP – Snehapana, Abhyanga, Kayaseka, Valukasweda, Choorna panda sweda, Patrapodalasweda, Jambeera panda sweda, Shashtika panda sweda, Januvasthi, Kati vasthi, Greevavasthi, Urovasthi, Merudandavasthi, Dhanyamladhara, Kashayadhara, Ksheeradhara, Naadisweda, Avagahasweda, Ksheeradhoomam, Thalapothichil, Thakradhara, Shiroabhyangam, Shirodhara, Shirovasthi, Shiropichu, Vamana, Virechana, Vasthi, Nasya, Dhoomapana, Siravyedha, Pracchana, Jalaukavacharana, Agni karma, Udwarthana, Muttakkizhi, Kaadikkizhi etc..


  • Successful in treating and managing various patients in and around north Malabar area
  • Preventing the reoccurrence of disesaes.
  • Preventing the diseases by maintaining the health and boosting immunity level of people.
  • Local as well as distant residents opting seasonal purificatory therapies of panchakarma in cost effective manner.
  • Treating life style diseases accordingly and raising quality of life of people in and around Malabar.
  • Managing various diseases which are left untreated by other system of medicine successfully
  • Providing physical as well as mental strength to patients through counselling before and after panchakarmatherapy(manasopachara).
  • Reducing the prelavance and incidence rate of various communicable and non communicable diseases through medical camps, classes and field works by staff and students in and around the locality.


Research –A research on the topic “A clinical study to find the effect of udwarthana and samanasnehapanam in diabetic peripheral neuropathy” is now conducting under the department of panchakarma successfully.



OP department – Effective Ayurvedic treatment protocols are provided to the patients with menstrual irregularities in adolescent age group, Poly cystic ovarian disease, Male and female infertility, perimenopausal symptoms, pelvic organ prolapse, diseases of urinary tract, endometriosis, adenomyosis, Pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroid uterus, vaginal discharges etc.

Ante natal – Post natal clinic
Ante natal care and Ayurvedic management of various disease conditions of ante natal period like vomiting in pregnancy, Anemia, Gestational Diabetes mellitus, Ante partum haemorrhage, Post-natal care and lactation disorders at free of cost.

The department has IP section which includes general ward and geriatric ward. There are 19 and 5 beds in female general ward and geriatric ward respectively. The department provides udwarthana, snehapana abhyanga, sweda karma, virechana, vamana, vasthi, pathrapodala sweda, kayaseka, sirovasthi, sirodhara, avagaha in hospital and gynecological procedures like Yoni dhavana, vesavara, yonipichu, yonipoorana, utharavasthi etc from separate room in op department. Colposcopic examinations and kshara karmas are conducted in colposcopy unit.

OP Department - Room no. 5
Well-equipped examination room, Well-equipped douche room & Colposcopy unit are provided under this Unit.


OPD : Conducted 6 days a week

  • Monday- Dr. Balakrishnan  V.K.V, Professor
  • Tuesday- Dr Anjali K R, Assistant Professor
  • Wednesday- Dr. Prathibha N., Assistant Professor
  • Thursday- Dr Ambili K, Assciate Professor
  • Friday - Dr. Balakrishnan  V.K.V, Professor
  • Saturday - Dr. Prathibha N., Assistant Professor



  • 15 Beds in the college hospital are under the dept. of salakyatanthra with a high bed occupancy rate
Department of SALYATHANTRA


O.P & I.P treatments ( average of 350 patients per month in anorectal clinic and 2500 in marma O.P.D. total bed strength of 19 patients in I.P.D) conducting clinical classes, theory classes

Conducted C.M.E programmes in Ksharasutra treatment modalities, conducted a mega medical camp in association with Rajata jubilee celebrations. Active involvement of salyatantra department was there in the success of rajata exhibition and national seminbar. Planning to conduct R.O.T.P program in lowback pain & orthopedics.

Department of AGADATHANTRA


  • Daily OPD
  • One female  beds is allotted in the college hospital


The college hospital common to all the departments has a bed strength of 150 out of which 15 beds are reserved for Kaumarabhritya. The hospital is provided with a well equipped clinical laboratory, Panchakarma Theater, Physiotherapy unit, X-Ray and USG facilities. The dept. has a well functioning OP and IP wing providing services to all children coming from different parts of Kerala.

  • OPDs are being conducted on 6 days per week from 8am to 1pm.
  • 15 beds are allotted for children in the college hospital.

The department has gained advances in the management of Developmental disorders and other neurological disorders like Cerebral palsy, Autism, ADHD, Speech disorders, Erb’s Palsy, Dyslexia, Infantile hemiplegia, Seizure disorders etc, Nutritional disorders, skin diseases and  recurrent respiratory infections.  It also has a tremendous experience in practice of modified Panchakarma therapy and physiotherapy in children. The well baby clinic of the department is also promoting traditional child care practices in newborns and infants.

Department of KAYACHIKITSA

Department of Kayachikitsa imparts theoretical and practical knowledge of Kayachikitsa to the students of Final year B.A.M.S. The main focus is to provide an exposure to the students on diagnosis and treatment of commonly met diseases. They are also trained in various probable approaches in the management of different diseases. Theory classes are supplemented with clinical classes at the hospital.

Apart from the management of common ailments, manasaroga-chikitsa, rasayana-vajeekarana chikitsa also come under Kayachikitsa. In the current syllabus there are examinations (Kayachikitsa I, II, and III) with practical and viva related to Kayachikitsa.


Trains students in OPD on Swastha and Yoga excluding Sundays and IPD in the college hospital. . The Department also teaches Yoga and Naturopathy to them. Patients with lifestyle disorders are managed mainly in the OPD with medicines as well as dietary modifications and lifestyle modification by way of suggesting proper dinacharya and Yogic exercise. Apart from these the department is involved in conducting medical camps and awareness classes at various places of Kannur district.

Department of ROGANIDANA
  • Conducting daily OP consultations and managing 15 bed IP departments.
  • Conducting theory and practical classes for UG and PG students
  • Conducting various Re -orientation programmes in modern diagnostic methods, Ayurvedic clinical examinations for Govt.Medical officers and teaching staff.