Rachana Sareera (Anatomy) is one among the basic departments of GAVC,Kannur and it is one of the subjects in First year BAMS course. The department is functioning right from the beginning of the institution, in the year 1993. The department deals with the study of the structural configuration of the human body. Both the ayurvedic and modern aspects of the human Anatomy are taught to the students. The subject Rachana Sareera is one of the fundamental subjects in Ayurveda which is very essential for framing the students as successful clinical practitioners.


Dr.Ajithakumari.P, MD (Ay)
Professor & HOD


Dr Jularani P, MD (Ay)
Associate Professor


Dr.Janinjith.C, MD (Ay), PhD
Assistant Professor


Dr.Afil M Alex, MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor

Aims & Objectives

To impart adequate knowledge in Rachana Sareera as per CCIM syllabus and to develop proper skill so as to mould efficient Physicians to serve the society in health and illness.

Facilities and Infrastructure


It occupies part of ground floor of the ‘C’ block and Professor’s room in ground floor of ‘B‘ block of the main college building.

  1. Professor’s Room
  2. Associate Professor’s cabin
  3. Assistant Professor’s cabin
  4. Lecture Hall- Has a seating capacity of 60 students. It has a Computer, LCD TV, OHP with screen and stand and a white board.
  5. Preservation room has two tanks for keeping cadavers
  6. Dissection Hall with adequate lighting and three exhaust fans to refresh the air and enough wash basins
  7. Museum contains More than 100 wet specimens with Monthwise fetal specimens, Organs and their Various sections, 40 models and almost 90 chatrs.Etc.
  8. Bone library Contains disarticulated skeleton all the 206 bones each about 6 or 7 nos and 2 articulated skeleton.
  9. Histology lab has sufficient histological slides and Microscopes.
  10. Department library has 184 books including 128 Modern books and 56 Ayurvedic books.
  • To conduct theory and practical classes, seminars, periodical tests and unit tests to assess the students. There are 60 students in the BAMS first year batch
  • In this department the theory classes are taken by preparing slides in M.S Power point. This is beneficial for the students to understand the topic clearly.
  • Practical classes include Histology, Osteology (study of bones) and individual organs  by demonstration,  and Dissection of one cadaver for each batch.