Department of DRAVYAGUNA

Faculty Details

Dr.Radhika.C, MD (Ay)
Associate Professor & HOD


Dr Aparna G, MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor


Dr Murukaraj V , MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor


Objectives:  To impart detailed knowledge of Pharmacology Covering different aspects of:

  1.  Basic principles
  2.  Pharmacognosy
  3.  Phytochemistry
  4.  Experimental & Clinical pharmacology
  5.  Pharmacotherapeutics
Vision & Mission

Making students well versed in the subject for effective practice and  propagation of judicious use of genuine plant products in treatment and continuous research activities by starting PG and PhD courses thus contributing to subject updating.

Mission :

  1. Execution of effective teaching so as to inculcate subject interest in students.
  2. Fundamental and Medicinal plant research.
  3. Conservation of plants, both in-situ and ex-situ.
A. Non- Teaching Staff Gardeners   :   5
B. Lab Lab facilities for Pharmaognosy( Macroscopy& Microscopy) and Phytochemistry
C. Library Department library with around 177 books covering Basic principles of Dravyaguna , Pharmacognosy,Phytochemistry,Modernpharmacology,Nighantus and Classial texts of Ayurveda.
D. Seminar Hall
E. Museum Dry drug specimens – 241
Wet drug specimens
Charts with details of Single drugs ( Macrosopy&Miroscopy ) - 277
F. Classroom
G. Herbal garden Total area - 12,140 sq.m
Total number ofspecies : 250
Total number of Plants : 7500
Drip irrigation facility installed for potted plants
H. Green house
I. Nakshathravanam



Activities :Teaching

Medical camps
Medicinal plant survey
Garden visits
Awareness classes on Medicinal plants.

Planting and Conservation of Rare medicinal plants. Study tours for exploring and updating the knowledge of Medicinal plants.


Good Academic results.

Research &Consultants

Research &Consultants : Applied for PG course and PhD research centre.


  • Seminar on cultivation of Medicinal plants for public.
  • Demonstration class for trainees of the SMPB funded training Programme on Medicinal plants conducted by Department of Agronomy, Vellayani Agricultural centre.
  • Exhibitions


Department Library :
Department library with around 177 books covering Basic principles of Dravyaguna , Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Modern pharmacology, Nighantus and Classical text books of Ayurveda.

Herbal Garden : More than 6000 medicinal plants with 500 species are cultivated in the Herbal Garden to know and familiarize various types of herbs to the BAMS & PG students at an area covered by 5 Acres.