The Department of Swasthavritta deals with imparting knowledge of Preventive and Social medicine in Ayurveda as well as modern science to BAMS as well as Paramedical students of Govt. Ayurveda College, Kannur Pariyaram.

Vision & Mission


To bring out Ayurvedic graduates efficient enough to maintain the health of the community as well as to prevent diseases.



  • To teach students Ayurvedic principles of Community medicine
  • To teach students Modern concepts of Community Medicine
  • To teach students Yoga and Naturopathic principles
  • To teach students the practical aspects of Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Ayurvedic    dietetics, Naturopathy and Yoga.
The Department has 4 teachers as follows
1 Professor : Dr. Jayan.D MD (Ay)
2 Associate Professor : Dr. A. Nafeesath Beevi MD (Ay)
3 Assistant Professor : Dr. Renjumol VS, MD (Ay)
4 Assistant Professor : Dr. Priya. EP, MD (Ay)


The OP Duties are as follows
Monday Dr. Renjumol VS MD (Ay)
Tuesday Dr. A. Nafeesath Beevi MD (Ay)
Wednesday Dr. Jayan.D MD (Ay)
Thursday Dr. A. Nafeesath Beevi MD (Ay)
Friday Dr. Jayan.D MD (Ay)
Saturday Dr. Priya. EP, MD(Ay)

Apart from teachers there is a Honorary Yoga Instructor, Mr. Krishnadas. KT, who trains the  students in Yoga practice.
The department has a  good library for department, which has 170 books on Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Social and Preventive Medicine.
The departmental museum has 36 models, 72 charts and Yoga Naturopathic equipments.
There is a tutorial room for which is used for training of BAMS as well as Para medical students.


Trains students in OPD on Swastha and Yoga excluding Sundays and IPD in the college hospital. . The Department also teaches Yoga and Naturopathy to them. Patients with lifestyle disorders are managed mainly in the OPD with medicines as well as dietary modifications and lifestyle modification by way of suggesting proper dinacharya and Yogic exercise. Apart from these the department is involved in conducting medical camps and awareness classes at various places of Kannur district. A study tour is conducted every year for BAMS students to visit various institutions prescribed in the syllabus such as Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital, Sewage Treatment Plant, Water treatment plant, Milk processing unit etc.

The department conducted a CME for Ayurveda College Teachers as well as medical practitioners on THERAPEUTIC YOGA in August 2017.

  1. Establishment of Daily OPD from 2017 onwards.
  2. The department organizes International Day of Yoga on June 21st every year with full participation of students as well as teachers.

It has conducted a CME on THERAPEUTIC YOGA in August 2017. The papers presented were edited and published as a book.