A 150 bedded College Hospital is functioning under the College for imparting clinical training to the BAMS and PG students. All branches of Ayurveda Chikilsa including Ksharasoothra, Infertility, Panchakarma etc. are practiced and this provides, research and development potential to the hospital in all sector of Ayurveda.

Dr. S Gopakumar is the Superintendent of the College Hospital. The College has a 150 bedded Hospital which is well equipped with the essential Undergraduate and Post graduate training facilities. The Hospital is aided with the State Government Funds. The regular and special Out Patient Units of this Hospital are handled by teaching faculties expertised in individual specialities. Medicines free of cost are supplied during O.P Hours (8 a.m -1 p.m.). A casualty Unit is functioning here from 01 AM-8 PM and night shift is from 08 PM to 06 AM. Postgraduate researches studies are also conducted in this Hospital .Inpatient Units include General Wards for Female and Male patients. Staff and Students Ward is another hallmark. Our Medical Officers, House Surgeons , Post Graduate students and Para Medical Staff are actively engaged in Hospital activities under the supervision of the Hospital Superintendent Our Hospital has a Pathology Lab, X-ray Unit, Physiotherapy Unit , Minor O.T, Pharmacy and Hospital Canteen. Every year around 1 lakh patients visit our O.P.D and about 1700 Inpatients get admitted and treated here. Moreover, a separate Pay ward being operated by M/s.KHRWS with 20 paying beds and 20 rooms including deluxe rooms are also provided under the college Hospital.

Govt. Ayurveda Hospital for Women & Children

Govt. Ayurveda Hospital for Women & Children, Kannur will be Recognized as the Best Tertiary Health Care Institution that improves the health of people in the region.We will achieve this by providing quality health care with compassion, ethics and accessibility that meets the needs and expectations of our patients and families and by providing a good work environment that foster communication, motivation and commitment in our staff.


  • To Provide comprehensive Quality Service with equality - Preventive, Curative & Promotive to all women & Children
  • Development of existing hospital facilities by improving human resources, infrastructure & by incorporating new technologies in all health- related programmes.
  • To produce ayurvedic practitioners with the mission to propagate women & child health care practice and to improve the health system as a whole
  • To promote interdisciplinary researches for the scientific validation of the concepts and practices of women & child health.