The department imparts theoretical knowledge and clinical training to BAMS students and House surgeons regarding diagnostic procedures and Ayurvedic management protocol for various gynecological diseases, diseases of Antenatal and Post-natal periods.

Faculty Details

Dr. Asha S T, MS (Ay)
Professor & HOD


Dr. Shiny S Raj, MD (Ay)
Associate Professor


Dr Athiralekshmi S V, MS (Ay)
Assistant Professor


Dr. Namitha V Haridas, MS (Ay)
Assistant Professor


The Department imparts theoretical knowledge and clinical training to BAMS students and House surgeons regarding diagnostic procedures and Ayurvedic management protocol for various gynecological diseases, diseases of Antenatal and Post-natal periods.

The newly inaugurated Women and Children hospital is functioning separately in the main campus of Government Ayurveda College, Kannur. It is established in a view to provide an integrated health care in the field of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics. Infertility clinic, ante natal and post-natal clinic, paps smear screening, colposcopy unit are functioning as a separate wing under the department. Antenatal clinic functions on every Wednesdays from 8 am to 1 pm. Papsmear screening and colposcopic examinations helps the early diagnosis of pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions of cervix at low cost.

Effective Ayurvedic treatment protocols are provided to the patients with menstrual irregularities in adolescent age group, Poly cystic ovarian disease, Male and female infertility, perimenopausal symptoms, pelvic organ prolapse, diseases of urinary tract, endometriosis, adenomyosis, Pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroid uterus, abnormal vaginal discharges etc.


FACILITIES INCLUDING STAFF (Teaching and non- teaching)

Details of Department Staff

Teaching staff- 4

 Professor & HOD-      1 -   Dr. Asha S. T

Associate Professor – 1 –   Dr. Shiny S Raj

Assistant Professors – 2 –   Dr. Athiralekshmi S. V ( contractural), Dr. Namitha V Haridas ( contractural )



  • Staff room- separate cabin - In first floor
  • Tutorial room – In first floor
  • Department room – In third floor

The Department have

Teaching department area – 157.62

Books/computer/printer - computer/printer- available - 1

Library books – 274 books
Charts – 77
Models – 34
Specimens – 8

Women & Children Hospital

Ground floor

  • Prasuti tantra & Stree roga OPD – 30.50
  • Well-equipped examination/procedure room

Gynecological procedures like Yonipichu, Yoni prakshalana, Yonilepana, Yonipoorana, Yoni varti, Utharavasthi etc are done in douche room

  • Antenatal speciality clinic with examination area
  • Colposcopy unit

First floor

  • Prasuti tantra & Stree roga IPD– 25  - 20 beds
  • Antenatal and postnatal procedure room.

Second floor

  • Labour Room with attached toilet and bath room – Available (57.75
  • Labour Room Complex- facilities for antenatal IP, Post operative ward etc are available
  • Main labour room – 70.51mtr
  • Recovery room – 29.91 mtr
  • First stage enema room – 74.79 mtr
  • NICU – 22.99 mtr
  • Operation Theater

OT Room – 63.41



 Prasuti tantra & Stree roga OPD   [Monday – Saturday ( 8 am – 1 pm)]

  • Pre –conceptional care - It deals with the holistic couple preparation treatments to beget a healthy progeny through various unique ayurvedic treatments and regimens.
  • Sootikaparicharya (Post-natal care and lactation disorders).
  • Aims at rejuvenation and restoration of women’s health after delivery.
  • Treatment of ailments pertaining to lactation failure, low back pain etc.
  • Effective diagnosis and management of various gynecological disorders like Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Uterine fibroids, Abnormal vaginal discharges, Abnormal uterine bleeding, Pelvic organ prolapse, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Management of Menopausal problems, Breast diseases, Adolescent gynecological problems, screening for pre- cancerous conditions of cervix etc
  • Infertility –
  • Effective treatment of male and female infertility caused by abnormal sperm functions, ovarian factor, tubal factor etc.
  • Preparation of couple to improve fertility and enhance the success rate of artificial reproductive techniques

Antenatal speciality clinics  [Wednesdays- 8 am – 1 pm]

  • Pre –conceptional care
  • Garbhiniparicharya(Antenatal care) :
  • Routine ante natal care, assessment and treatments of diseases of pregnant women which aims for safe delivery.
  • Speciality clinic for antenatal care with Ayurvedic management of various ailments like vomiting in pregnancy, Anemia, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, IUGR and so on.


The department has IP section which contains 20 beds in Prasuti tantra & stree roga ward in Women and children Hospital. The department provides udwarthana, snehapana abhyanga, sweda karma, virechana, vamana, vasthi, pathrapodala sweda, kayaseka, sirovasthi, sirodhara, avagaha in hospital and gynecological procedures like Yoni dhavana, vesavara, yonipichu, yonipoorana, utharavasthi, Cu T removal etc are conducted in  separate procedure room in W & C Hospital.

 Papsmear screening & Colposcopic examinations

Papsmear screening & Colposcopic examinations helps the early diagnosis of pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions of cervix at low cost. Colposcopic examinations and kshara karmas are conducted in colposcopy unit.



The department imparts undergraduate training in clinical and theoretical aspects of Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga for 75 students every year. Six-hour theory classes and three-hour clinical training classes is conducting for BAMS Professional students. Regular and prompt clinical training is given to the BAMS students with power point presentations, compilations, yogam discussions and case presentations. Clinical training of House surgeons in OPD and IPD provides, hands on training for doing various gynecological examinations and procedures.

Total theory and practical classes in last calendar year (2021)

  • Total theory class – 127 classes
  • Total practical class – 223 classes


Total number of OPD and IPD patients in last calendar year (2021)

  • OPD – 3331
  • IPD – 57
  • Total kriyakramas - 603
Research Activites and Publications


  • Mathrujam Booklet
  • Handbook published on basis of CME- Samsrishti -2022- Endometriosis in Ayurvedic practice

Research activities

  • ‘MATHRUJAM -2017’- Project for the Management of Ante-natal and Post-natal women with Ayurvedic treatment modalities is going on with financial support from National AYUSH Mission.

Other activities

  • Two days CME on “Endometriosis in Ayurvedic practice – Samsrishti 2022” – was organized and conducted through online platform funded by AYUSH Department , Govt of Kerala.
  • 3 days ROTP Programme – “Samskriti 2022- Postnatal care through Ayurveda” was organized and conducted via online for ASHA workers and Anganavadi teachers sponsored by AYUSH department, Kerala.
  • Department faculties had taken awareness classes in webinars on menstrual hygiene, Gynec health care, importance of breast feeding , breast cancer awareness, antenatal nutrition and health, adolescent health etc.