Department of AGADATHANTRA

Department of Agadatantra is one among the clinical departments in the Govt Ayurveda college, Kannur. This department deals with teaching Toxicology, Forensic medicine and Medical Jurisprudence to third year BAMS students and also the management of bite cases, skin disorders arises due to toxicity and allergy and other toxic manifestations.


Dr.Jayasree M N, MD (Ay)
Professor & HOD


Dr.Abeena.R, MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor


Dr.Swetha Velayudhan, MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor

Vision & Mission
  • To make our Department one among the best Agadatantra center in India
  • To provide contributions in toxicology to Ayurvedic field by management of bite cases, Allergy, and Dermatology
  • To establish PG course for Agada tantra in the college
  • To provide effective and economical Ayurvedic treatment in different types of allergies, various dermatological diseases and complications of bite
  • To establish full-fledged Toxicology lab and acquaint the students with analytical aspects of Toxicology
  • To provide knowledge in for BAMS students
  • To conduct theory, practical and clinical classes on Agadatantra, Vidhivaidyaka and Vayavahara Ayurveda to third year students
  • To manage clinical cases in the outpatient and inpatient departments
  • To conduct seminars , discussions and CME s for the advancements of Science to enhance the efficiency of the teachers and UG students
  • To conduct unit tests and model examinations for evaluating students and make them competent.
  • To start special OPD for management of skin and allergic disorders
  • Conduct surveys to identify the prevalence of various disorders related to allergy and skin
  • To popularize traditional formulations

This is one of the clinical dept. amongst the fourteen Departments of Ayurveda Colleges. The Department of Agadatantra Vyavahara Ayurveda and Vidhivaidyaka has been functioning since the starting of Govt. Ayurveda College Kannur.

Teachers in the department regularly attend CME programmes, reorientation programmes etc.  We participate in the various health awareness programmes in the nearby villages.  Ayurvedic toxicology has developed various concepts regarding acute poisoning, chronic toxicity, incompatibilities of food and regimen, environmental pollution and even de addiction.

Teaching staff

Professor – Dr.Jayasree.M.N
Experience – 19 years, 6 months

Assistant professor – Dr.Abeena.R
Experience – 5 years

Assistant professor( on contract) – Dr.Swetha Velayudhan
Experience – 2 months

Other staff

  • Museum keeper
  • Attendent

Tutorial Room

  • One for U.G.

Library:  Central library as well as department library with modern and ayurveda books is available to refer and to improve the self study habit of students

Museum : keeping toxicological and forensic specimens

  • Conducting Post – mortem posting at Govt.Taluk Hospital
  • Conducting daily OPD and IPD – 1 bed is allotted in college hospital IP
  • Conducted class on “ Identification of poisonous and non – poisonous snakes” at  Cherutazham GUP School as a part of “Azadi ka amrutmahotsav”

Department library

There are 149 books in the department library, which include Ayurveda, modern, research methodology and biostatistics text books.

  • Establishment of daily OPD from 19th Jan 2022 onwards