Faculty Details

Dr. Indukala P R, MD (Ay)
Professor & HOD


Dr.Sonia Raj.S, MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor


Dr. Chinju Alias, MD (Ay)
Assistant Professor


Dr.Thulasi.T.T, MA, Phd, NET
Associate Professor in Sanskrit


Dr.Ajimon CS, MA, NET, PhD
Assistant Professor in Sanskrit


Samhitha Samskritha and Siddhantha deepartment is the basic department which deals with all the fundamental principles of Ayurveda. The most widely known language is used to explain the message of its eternity and relevance in both healthy and unhealthy individuals. This is conveyed to the students and ambiguos scholars to have glimpse of truth in our system of medicine.Samhitha Sanskritha and Siddhantha department inculcate the BAMS students and the paramedical students and profess them with Ashtangahridayam, Ayturveda Ithihasa, Padartha Vijnana,Sanskrit, Charaka Samhitha Purvaardham and Charaka Smhitha Utharaardham.

  • Sanskrit is the key to AyurvedaTo understand the aim and theme of ayurveda, preserved in ancient texts, students should have a good command in Sanskrit language. So it is included in the First year of BAMS
  • Padartha Vijnan is the radical part of the Ayurveda which incorporates the Indian philosophy and the elementary parts of its knowledge.
  • Ayurveda is asystem of medicine wirth historical roots in the indian Subcontinent So a study of the hiostory of Ayurveda reveals its past and the present level of development
  • Ashtanga Hrudayam Soothrasthanam deals with the principles of Ayurveda explained in a more easy and understandable method for three types of studens
  • Charaka Samhitha is a text of excellence in treatment .Fundamentals of Ayurveda ,its approach to life and disease has essentially to take resort to the study of this text unique in
Vision & Mission

Ayurveda requires intimate background of the basic science of Indian   philosophy. Actually Ayurvedic fundamentals are at once philosophy science and metaphysic spiritualism. Thus Samhitha Samskritha and Siddhantha deepartment forms the fundamental background for the Ayurvedada students and teach with a view that “Ayurveda is not merely a medical system but a complete philosophy of life.


Present Activities of the Department

  1. Conducting Theory Classes
    Our department conduct classes on the following subjects for the first professional, second professional and third professional BAMS students
First Professional BAMS
  1. Moulika Siddhant evam Ashtanga Hridayam
  2. Padartha Vignanam evam Ayurveda Ithihasam
  3. Sanskrit
Second Profesional BAMS
  1. Charaka Samhitha Purvardham
Third Professional BAMS
  1. Charaka Samhitha Uttarardham
Ayurveda Therapist Course
Ayurveda Nursing Course
  1. Conducting class tests, terminal examinations and model examinations
  1. Internal assessment with class schedule card for I BAMS students

In additional to the routine work, the professor of the department has chaired the university examinations.
The theory and oral Examinations of KUHS is being conducted by the department. The department is responsible for the smooth functioning of the paramedical courses and their examinations. The staff of this department is appointed as internal and external examiners for practical and viva of UG&PG courses of various colleges.

Setting question papers and valuation of answer scripts are other examination related duties.


Progress made by the department in last year

Sl.No Important information of the Department Progress Made
1 Construction of the Department Rennovated
2 Appointment of Teaching Staff Yes- Associate Professor (1)Assistant professors-(2) filled by PSC
3 Appointment of Non-Teaching Staff Nil
4 Appointment of Paramedical Staff Nil
5 Expansion of the Department Nil
6 Expansion of other facilities 2 Steel Cabinet with Locker
7 Hospital OPD 1566  ( 1 OP/Week)
8 Hospital IPD Nil
9 Any National/International/State Seminars,ROTP CME etc CME – Two Days. On 8th and 9th January 2018
10 Publication by Teaching Staff Nil
11 Research Activities if any
12 Awards won by teaching Staff and Students


Sl.No Department
No.of Deprtment
Lib Books
Museum No of Lectures/practicals carried out since last visitation
No. of charts No. of models No. of Specimen Theory Practical
Comp Printer Books
1 1 1 306 365


Participation in Medical Camps—The faculties of the department regularly participate in  the various medical camps conducted by the college in various parts of  Kannur district. They also engage in various health awareness programs also conducted by the institution.

Participation in Seminars, CMEs and Training programs—Faculties of the department regularly participate in the various seminars, CMEs and training programs conducted across the state both as resource persons as well as delegates.

Other Academic Activities

The department had organized a two-day CME   program on EPISTEMOLOPGY under the title SUBODHINI -2018 with the financial assistance of Dept. of AYUSH , Govt. of Kerala.  The department has also proposed to organize a two-day CME program on RASAVICHARA.