• Objectives
    • To Provide clinical training on the evaluation and management of eye, Ear, Nose, Throat and oral cavity related diseases to the students
    • Provide quality and affordable health care for the public
    • To conduct research activities in the field of Ayurveda.
Vision & Mission
  • Vision
    • Generate sufficient human resource capable of providing effective Ayurvedic management for ailments affecting head and neck regions.


  • Mission
    • To explore and propagate the scope of ayurvedafor the maintenance of health in head and neck region.
    • To provide thorough theoretical and practical knowledge in undergraduate and post graduate level
    • To provide sufficient clinical training to mould successful practitioners.
    • To provide an atmosphere to facilitate research in the field of Salakyatanthra
    • Detailed proposal for super-speciality eye and ENT hospital is submitted for the approval of the government
    • Teaching
      • Professor and HOD
        • Dr C Sindhu
      • Asso. Professor
        • Dr. VKV Balakrishnan
      • Assistant Professor
        • Dr.Ambili.K
        • Dr.Jinoop P
    • Non teaching
      • Research assistant
        • Dr.Nabeela.K.T
    • Optometrist
    • Juna.  E.V
      • Library
        Contains 190 books that covers different aspects of the subject
      • Seminar hall
        Tutorial hall with sufficient space
      • Museum
      • Class rooms

Trains students in OPD on Swastha and Yoga excluding Sundays and IPD in the college hospital. . The Department also teaches Yoga and Naturopathy to them. Patients with lifestyle disorders are managed mainly in the OPD with medicines as well as dietary modifications and lifestyle modification by way of suggesting proper dinacharya and Yogic exercise. Apart from these the department is involved in conducting medical camps and awareness classes at various places of Kannur district. A study tour is conducted every year for BAMS students to visit various institutions prescribed in the syllabus such as Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital, Sewage Treatment Plant, Water treatment plant, Milk processing unit etc.

The department conducted a CME for Ayurveda College Teachers as well as medical practitioners on THERAPEUTIC YOGA in August 2017.

  • Apart from teaching class
  • Clinical Classes
    • Tuesday – Dr. VKV Balakrishnan, Asso. Professor
    • Wednesday – Dr.Ambili.K,Assistant Professor
    • Thursday – Dr. C Sindhu, Professor
    • Friday – Dr.jinoop P, Assistant Professor
  • Opd
    • Conducted 6 days a week
      • Monday –Dr.Ambili.K, Assistant Professor .
      • Tuesday – Dr.jinoop P, lecturer
      • Wednesday - Dr. C Sindhu, Professor
      • Thursday – Dr.Ambili.K, Assistant Professor
      • Friday – Dr. VKV Balakrishnan, Asso. Professor
      • Saturday - Dr. VKV Balakrishnan, Asso. Professor
    • Special headache OPD (2.00 PM – 4.00 PM)
      • Wednesday - Dr.Jinoop P
      • Thursday – Dr.Ambili.K


  • Ipd
    • 15 Beds in the college hospital are under the dept. of salakyatanthra with a high bed occupancy rate
  • Medical camps
    • Participates in all medical camps conducted by the college hospital
    • Special camp was organised on world sight day 2017 (12-10-2017) at Eruvatty
    • Organised a special mega camp with the Dept. of shalyatanthra in the college in connection with the silver jubilee celebrations of the college
  • Cme
    • CME was conducted by the dept. on Headache on (28,29,30, November 2017)
    • 30 medical officers attended the CME
  • ROTP
  • Seminar

• Research & consultants
o Ongoing research On Dry Eye
• Programmes
• Syllabus
o Follows the syllabus scheduled by the KUHS
• Dept. library
o Contains 190 books which deals with different aspects of the subject
• Others
o Participated in the exhibition Rajatha Expo 2018 organized in connection with the Silver jubilee celebrations of the College. The programme was very informative to the public.
o Participated in IACK-2019 with a stall exhibiting details of Urdhwangachikitsa.
o Faculties undergone training in govt. And university level (IMG training and various certificate courses conducted by KUHS)
o Conduct of examinations (Oral and Practical, Theory evaluation) as internal and external examiners for both ug and pg courses
o Participates in Various Seminars as Resource Persons
o A good collection of charts and models that helps easy learning of the subject
o PG courses are sanctioned by the Govt. and university, CCIM inspection yet to be conducted.