The Department of Rachana Sareera is one of the major department in the College.  This department deals with modern and ayurvedic aspect of anatomy of human body.
It is well equipped with a smart class room library facilities cadaver preservation room, dissection hall and museum.

Aim and objectives of the Department:

To impact adequate knowledge in Rachana Sareeram (Anatomy as per CCIM syllabus and to develop proper skill as to mould efficient physicians and surgeons to serve the society in health and illness.


TO  conduct

1. Lecturer and Practicals

2.  Assignments

3.  Periodical class tests and unit tests to assess the standards as per CCIM.

4.  Seminars

Total no of theory Hours - 210

Total no of Practical Hours - 210

Now the department has been conducting 20 theory classes using original specimens, visual aids, audio system and 16 practical classes using original bones specimens, cadaver and microscopes each for the I- st professional BAMS junior and senior batches in one month.  The time period for each professional is 18 month including examination.

The department is conducting theory and practical classes for nursing and masseurs students in this Academic year.


The Department has a well equiped library having 63 modern books and 33 Ayurvedaic books.


Smart class room is well furnished with 40 jeffersons chair, computer with printer, 46"LCDTV, Audio system, OHP with screen and a white board.


The Department has a well set museum with chart models and specimens of organs articulated and dis articulated human bones.


Preservation Room has two tiled tanks for keeping the cadavers, facilities for preserving cadaver USIG chemicals such as formalin, phenol glyserol surgical.

The Department of Rachan sareera is one of the major Department in the College this Department deals with modern and this Department are handled by well experienced and emenient personals in this field.  Practical classes are under the supervision of the teachers with a Theatre Assistant, and is done in proper hygienc Manner.


Dr Ajithakumari P Dr. P. Ajithakumari
Professor, Dept Rachanashareera

Reg No: 5834
D.O.B: 31.05.1967
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