Department of Agada tantra is one among the major clinical departments in the Government Ayurveda College, Kannur.  This department gives emphasis on teaching Toxicology, Forensic medicine and Medical Jurisprudence to Second Professional BAMS students and the management of bite cases, skin disorders due to allergic aetiology and other toxic manifestations.

Aims and objectives of the department are

1. To conduct theory, practical and clinical classes on Agada tantra,  Vidhivaidyaka and Vyavhara ayurveda to second professional BAMS  students.

2  To Manage clinical cases in the outpatient and inpatient departments.

3. To conduct seminars, discussions and project works for the advancement of science, to enhance the efficiency to teachers and under graduate  students and to make the public    aware about the Ayurvedic management  of toxicological manifestations.

4. To conduct unit tests and model examinations for evaluating the students  and making           them competent.

1. Conducting lectures and practical demonstrations on various topics of

2.  Agada tantra as per the CCIM syllabus.

3.  Students are posted for viewing post mortem at medical college, Pariyaram.

4.  Conducting discussions and giving assignments like compilation on various  topics, preparations of herbarium sheets and case records for every students, which are being valued by the faculty.

5.  Conducting outpatient department on every Saturday and provides Inpatient management in the allotted one bed.

6.  Mainiaining the department museum.

7.  A department library is maintained for the benefit of staff and students.

8   Conducting unit tests and model examinations

9.  Conducting one day study tour.



dr mnjayasree
Dr. M.N Jayasree,
Assistant Professor, Dept of Agadatantra

Reg No: 6556
DOB: 24.01.1972
Date of Entry in Service:23.01.2003
Date of entry in present post: 05.09.2012