The Panchakarma Therapy is unique and forms the backbone of ayurvedic treatment.  Panchakarma department is a newly established unit attached to the Government Ayurveda College, Kannur,(estblished only at July 2008).  All panchakarmas are done with exquiste care and scientific technique in the college hospital, which attracts thousands of patients every year.  Enquiries are coming even from abroad.


1 Classes for BAMS, Nursing, Therapy courses:

Conduction of classes for BAMS final year students (2 hours per week, total 70 Theory hours and 218 practical hours) Nursing students (2 hours per week) & Ayurveda therapy students (3 hours per week) as per the university syllabus.  Practical classes are taken at OPD & Panchakarma theatre (from 8 am to 11 am for BAMS students, 8 am to 12 pm for nursing students & 8 am to 1 pm for masseur students)

2. Hospital duties:

The department is conducting OP and admitting patients to IP

Total bed strength of this department is 20 (in male ward 10 + in female ward 10).   There are 3 days OPD (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).  Poor patients from rural areas are approaching this hospital for their different ailments.  In the OPD treatment is given to public as well as clinical training for students.  Panchakarma department provides various therapies in the theatre.  Male and Female panchakarma theatres are there.

Pre-operative measures (purvakarmas done):-

1. Oleation therapy (Snehana Karma)

2.  Sudation therapy (Swedana Karma)

Operative measures (Pradhana Karma:-

1. Emesis therapy (Vamana Karma)

2.  Purgation therapy (Virechana Karma)

3.  Enema therapy (Vasthi Karma)

4.  Errhine therapy (Nasya karma)

5.  Bloodletting therapy (Raktha mokshana)

Keraliya special therapies like Talapothichil, Takradhara, Pizhinju thadaval, Shashitikpindaswedam, Thailadhara, Kateevasthi etc. are also being done in this department.



Dr Seena S
Associate Professor, Dept of Panchakarma,